Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Rofl alrighty. This morning has been quite the adventure, what with punched boobies, deformed bread, and crumbly homemade brownies. Let me explain.

Mom decided that I had to make bread today and after a little grumbling, I grabbed my mp3 player and decided to do it..AFTER I made my brownies for mutual tonight. I tried to make homemade brownies, which I've never done. I should have guessed that something was off when the batter was a tad..chunky. Well, the texture was off.

Anyway, I popped them into the oven and began mixing the bread. It called for ten cups of flower but after I kneaded the dough, it didn't look like it needed two pans. So, I pulled the brownies out(they looked odd which sunk any hopes I had for them) and put the dough in one pan. THen I asked my mom if I should split the dough. She told that she thought it would be best but that I could try baking it in one bread pan.

So, I figured that I'd try it. I put it in the oven and set the timer. Then I went to the brownies and I was disappointed. THey were hideous. Mom told me not to worry since they were going with sundaes but still..Then I felt like I should check the oven.

That's when I saw what I had created! FRANKENBREAD! I was amazed and terrified! I swear, it was breathing! I quickly shut the oven and burst into laughter, running to tell my mom. She made me take a picture(the lighter one) of it in the oven so she could see it. I happily obliged. She was shocked. But we left it alone and then the doorbell rang. It was my YW(Mia Maid) leader! She brought me a box of brownie mix like she had said she would!

So I let my brothers attack the failbrownies. They're gone now. They liked it, though. Gonna make the brownies later. Anyway, after almost an hour, I pulled the bread out. The dark golden picture is what my creation looks like now. I feel as if I made an abomination..but I have a fond attachment to my disaster.

Now I understand how Dr. Frankenstein felt after he saw his monster. He feared and adored. I fear and adore my monster. Too bad I have to kill it at lunchtime. My mourning will last for eons.

Anywho! I felt like I should share this amazing's gonna be great.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm a fail toaster

Okay, okay. I know that no one reads this and whatnot, but I still feel bad for not posting regularly.

So, I'm trying to begin a new adventure, but frankly, I'm not getting anywhere quickly. I want to..DRIVE. GET A JOB. NOT BE FIFTEEN. Alas, I have plenty to do before I drive, plenty of things to do before I get a job, and plenty of months before I'm sixteen.

Oh, the woes of the teenager.

My fiero, for those of you that know I have one, really needs to be fixed up. It's an 84, a sickly yellow, and pretty much a lunchbox. I love it. No. I adore it. BUT, the deathtrap, as I've lovingly learned to call it, needs much work done. One of my fears is that my dad and I will spend so much time trying to fix it and all our efforts will be futile.

*sigh* Again, woe, woe, woe. My car is sitting in the sideyard, inches away from a horrifying death. We had a large tree, it split and fell. It literally is four inches from my car. So, I guess we dodged a bullet there, but that doesn't change the shattered taillights(partly my fault) and whatever else is wrong with it. Hrmmm....Anyway, enough about me whining about my wonderful gift.

I have discovered that I'm a decent Santa Clause rapper. xD Long story. Simple answer : Girl's Camp. Ahh, good times. Glad to be home, trying to get as much time with my friends before I go and visit my aunt and uncle in Tucson.

So excited to visit them. Wondering when I can go to Washington to visit my other aunt. Welp, I'm kind of just rambling now.

I'm done.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chick-fil-a is not a bedtime food I thought this would be ALOT easier than writing in a journal and I was wrong. I suck at it. Oh well. I'll give a quick update then I'll blog about today. Had tons of birthdays, pregnancy announcements, one death, and everything in between.

I just recently got back from Youth Conference, realized that if you don't really know a guy, it doesn't matter that you see him everyday. You never know how he works. But I did meet four other guys and three of them were extremely nice. The other was like my little brothers. Not too fun.

Anyway, Chad Hymas spoke to us and made me realize that there are so many things I want to do in my life, but that I actually have to do them. I can't just sit back. I never know when my life will change.

Then we had some amazingly fun classes and did a great service project where we put together hygiene kits and school kits for kids in the state and third world countries. It was amazing. So uplifting. Can't wait 'til next year :D

Okay, so..last night, I was at mutual getting ready for camp(next saturday) and I munched on these candied nuts that my leader's son made. THey were delish! Anyway, they let me take home the leftovers and I mouth hurt soo bad and my throat was itchy. Took benadryl, was all good(Finished the nuts today, I know, glutton for punishment) and ate a little chick-fil-a. This is what happened after I fell asleep.

I was grocery shopping with a boy from my ward, who my friend likes but I see nothing in him. We bought two gigantic bottles of juice and a single 1 liter of some kind of blue juice for myself. He couldn't carry the big jugs, so he dragged them until he decided he was thirsty. Then he tried to open it and, when he failed, asked me to do it. I opened it easily..then another boy from the ward (he's just kinda odd) shouted at me "You and him? There's a problem with that." "What?" "You think I'm hot!" "Uh-huh..sure.." Then I walked away from both of them, only to return to an ironing board with tons of paper on it...there was a note from a BRianna Cowsomething and I thought it was from YET ANOTHER boy in the ward. Then I woke up. WTH?!

That's all for today lol..